C0NTR0L_FR3AK Admin Rank Request

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C0NTR0L_FR3AK Admin Rank Request

Post  C0NTR0L_FR3AK on Fri Nov 25, 2011 9:13 pm

Hi guys, made this format myself and it took about 45 minutes to think of stuff, I am applying for the position of fulltime_admin, here is the app!

In-game Name:C0NTR0L_FR3AK
Your username.

How old you are. Be honest here.

Time you are spending on the server:About 3-8 hours a day.
How long you log in for each day.

Which server do you go on more? Freebuild [Everyone OP]
Which server you go on more.

How long you've been on the server:About a week now.
How long have you been with us?

Country and timezone:USA GMT-6
What country and timezone you live in.

Have you had any previous real Operator experience?Yes alot of it, about 5-6 servers i have been OP or superop or admin or something.
Have you ever been an operator+ before anywhere?

Why we should accept you as an Operator:Because I am nice, I made a clan to entertain members of the server,I am a great player,I have a great attitude,I am also very expierienced in Operating a server.
What do you do on the server? What will you do for the server? Give us any info you'd like that you think we should know.

Also, I have a prize to offer this server, I can code a server in about a month, maybe a zombies,lava survival....and also I can create a bunch of Apps like these for members to copy then answer for an app like I did, if DeRidder or someone wants to have me I am free, I just left the last server i played on and now they are bad.Let me know if you need me!


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Re: C0NTR0L_FR3AK Admin Rank Request

Post  Guest on Fri Nov 25, 2011 9:41 pm

c0ntr0l when someone gets admin they start as assistant_admin, also we cant have zombie or lava survival on the server, you will probably abuse the zombie and lava survival commands

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