I guess you could say i'm back [kind of an announcement]

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I guess you could say i'm back [kind of an announcement]

Post  Aloxamax on Mon Dec 12, 2011 12:40 am

Happy holidays to everybody! I've recently come back to the server to see how things were after all this time (well, not THAT much time), and i see that there are 2 new ranks, and many high ranked people that doesn't really deserves the rank they have. If Op_greatbuilder and Op_probuilder are higher than Op_Designer, then it should be extremely difficult to reach those ranks, yet, i see Op_greatbuilders that normally shouldn't have gotten more than Op_builder.

Another thing i have noticed on the forums is that we don't have a list of Admins (i really can't keep track of the admins now), and also noticed that some great admins have just stopped comming, what a shame.

Well, i have nothing else to say for now and hopefully i will become much more active within the days to come.

See ya! santa


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Re: I guess you could say i'm back [kind of an announcement]

Post  xElecTriiCKx on Mon Dec 12, 2011 2:51 am

Hey alox! Razz I agree with you that since op_designer is hard to get, then op_greatbuilder and probuilder would be very difficult to achieve. Also, I'm pretty sure there is a list of admins at everyoneop.tk under the "about us" section, but it isn't kept up to date lol

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