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Vanto's Aplication

Post  Vanto on Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:14 pm

Hello this is Vanto
In-game username: vanto
My works:
vanto > Gun Wars Map
vanto1 > Freebuild (not zoned yet)
vanto2 > Massive Spleef (working)
vanto3 > under construction Very Happy

Ive been playing minecraft and been admins/ops on 4 servers. Im currently SuperOp on 1 server. Its not 24/7 so i still have lots of free time. Ive been lots on your server. Why? Because its epic and i have lots good friends there. I also been a GM on a WoW fun server Very Happy i dont play it anymore thought. I havent been baned from anywhere. Im frendly and able to moderate ppl in a polite way. I know the rules and i have a clear understanding of the commands. Im helpful and reliable. And thats it Very Happy

Feel free to ask anything!

Thy, Vanto


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