speeddracer's admin request

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speeddracer's admin request

Post  speeddracer on Thu Jul 28, 2011 3:00 pm

Hello,my name is speeddracer.all the time i've wanted to be a admin on one server!and the i thought everyOneOp would be a perfect server!so i would like to be a admin. here are some resons.1 follow the rules.2 when a admin tells me to do something i do i right away.3 i welcome all people to the server.4never ever disobey deridder.and 5 i could help out on the server when they need a rank because im on all the time on the server!Also the things or commands i cant use some times people are being mean to other people and i cant break it up only when a admin comes he or she can fix it.and oh if you im on the server im nice i dont be mean to people.and last but not least i cant make my world bigger do you know how to fix that? thank you for reading! i hope you have a good day!=)

p.s. all admins are really nice i want to be nice a not be punked around with other op's thank you!=)

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