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Post  mariostyle on Sat Aug 06, 2011 10:40 pm

Ok, So i have been login here 70 times and + and i would be admin here (please) and i have some reasons:

1. In minecraft servers, i always check if the server is open because all my goods work is in. And i have some good friends in too.

2. I have good worlds (out and in this server) ive maded (im sorry i dont have pics to show) but you can check it out in the server. (type /g mariostyle and /g mariostyle3) Im sorry i suck in pixelart but i always make good work.
I have more projects to build too.

3. Recently, in the server, when no admins was here and when i was logged in, a few peoples talk trashed and a few others people titled the others with inappropriate language.

4. Im a good and kindful guy, and i will very helpful with others if they need help. i will kick who grief or annoy people. And i will not abuse with my "powers", if someone beg to be ranked i will say "you must build to be ranked. That all". Btw, if someone request to check his build, if his work is very good, he will deserve the promotion. Otherwise, he will build a little more to get his promo'.

5. I dont have Wom but i will do everything to keep this server nice and pleasant for everyone.

I will be patient to wating a response and if you refuse, that will be ok, i will understand.


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