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Post  Draki Drakizora on Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:26 am

For some reason, something wasnt working and people couldnt get to their maps. Lmnop2184 (creator of chainwars and friend) and Destruction_XzX (Bf) were there so i tped to them. And i dunno how Pokemon came up, but we're rping and I'm Des's pokemon. Cook comes over, and so are a lot of other people. And Lm has something on so if you die if you hit the ground to hard, you can drown, etc. And somehow, a gunfight starts and people are shooting around. And, I didn't really notice, but the little spawn building is being destroyed by the guns. And i knew it was Cook, cuz he was the only one shooting lava and there was lava all over the place.
So we all stopped, (Des and I warn-kicked him to get him away) and started cleaning up. And XBobartX is just running around, digging holes, filling them with indigo and griefing. Lm is really mad and I want someone to help. Sad
After everything, Lm says that only Gamruno could build. We didn't no what to do, we were locked out of our maps and we couldnt build.
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