Admin Application - Aloxamax (with Pics now!!)

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Admin Application - Aloxamax (with Pics now!!)

Post  Aloxamax on Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:28 am

Hi, im Aloxamax (duh) and i've been in this server for about a month now and i logged in every day since i joined because i think that this server has a lot of potencial, its very fun, griefing is almost meaningless, admins are good and people like to actually play together instead of staying in their maps for hours, alone in the darkness,

Since i got here i cleared my map 2 times (both accidents Sad ) so the builds i have left are the only ones i can show. You can always visit my maps (thx fapster tongue ) and see for yourself. I have been promoted to Op_designer recently and since the moment i got my first promotion i discovered that i could freeze, jail and kick other players. Since then ive been fullfilling the role of an admin among other players when real admins werent on, to keep things cool.

I have been trusted with admin-like ranks in other servers before :
- I was a superOp in 'the best freebuild server' (shutdown)
- I am currently a trusted in 'the ultimate freebuild' (kick, freeze, jail, mute)
- I am also a power in the '0h yes' server (Sirlolz promoted me and can ban, promote, demote, kick,...)

I am always ready to help other players, first-timers, and anyone who could possibly need me for building, command explantion, reviews or just to spend some time plaaying around.


but first, the list of things that i have lost with those resets :

1st one : - Giant rainbow pyramid (126x126 base).
- McDonalds (farewell my
- 20:1 replica of the russian T80 Main Battle Tank.
- Scenic Representation of the yogscast fighting Israphel.
- Pixel art: Simon from the yogscast saying ''Ball to it Lewis''

2nd one: - Israphel's prison with a fortress surrounding it.
- (1:A LOT) Unfinished replica of Earth (just America, Africa and part of Asia at the time)
- Cool and fun test course/portal maze.

Now, with that Over...i give you....PICS!!! :

This one earned me Op_Beginner_Builder.

WOO! My beloved dragon gave me Op_Builder.

15 layers spleef arena!! NEVER-ending fun!! Thx to fapster for ranking me Op_advbuilder.

This time its a Spleef STADIUM, i call spleef V2.0......well......1.7. Me and my 2 helpers have special seats, aswell as Deridder and Ajcard. You win a round here, you can seat in the champion's throne. There are like 20 VIP seats and 100+ regular

This time from my private balcony (seat)....really comfortable...

Oh la la! Cette magnifique Tour ressemble vraiment a l'originale, si belle qu'elle pourrait plaire aux dieux!
(you werent expecting that one eh...)

Oh yeah! This beast, my 'chef-d'oeuvre' earned me Op_Designer! I dont recommend you get too close without /invincible...

On for a piggy ride?

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Re: Admin Application - Aloxamax (with Pics now!!)

Post  Admin on Sun Jun 12, 2011 8:30 pm

ur next rank is admin if you were to be promoted. ur an active member that i will be considering making an admin. i will be watching what you do to help people and the server so that i can decide weather to make you admin or not. i will also take a look at your map to see what you have built.


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